perfect day

Yesterday was the ultimate perfect day. The first warm day where the sun shines bringing to life all the energy that has been sediment for the winter. The first day the air smells hopeful. The first day the kids can play outside all day long. After breakfast, through lunch, until dinner and then after dinner.

It’s a bit of a tease though. The warm weather won’t hold. There is more cold on the way. But in a way, that makes a day like yesterday even more precious.


5 responses to “perfect day

  1. We stayed outside virtually all day. We picked up about 9 million sticks in our yard and we fired up our old kettle grill (we have a gas grill but hey we were burning sticks!) So nice. I even washed the girls’ winter coats and hung them out to dry before our big fire.

    Mother Nature…such a tease!

  2. I can’t wait for more! Santi and Yago played soccer outside on Saturday and had so much fun. We didn’t do as much outside on Sunday, but I wish we had…can’t wait for the next taste of spring!

  3. I’ve been a little bitter about that tease. Sigh.

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