Writing Prompt from the Blissdom Writer’s Craft Wisdom Workshop:

What I Left at Home

For the third time in his life, I left my son overnight.

I am his constant. His guide. And today, I am gone.

I left him for one night a year ago to come to this same place. A place for me. Six months ago, I left him for two nights to visit friends whom I hadn’t seen in 20 years.

This trip is three nights. Nights I have chosen to be away. Nights where he will call for me and cry for me.

Or not. Maybe he will surprise me and be completely comfortable in his own house, with his dad and his sister. Without me.

The last glimpse I saw of his face, he was sobbing and calling for me, afraid to go to his new classroom. Wanting me to go with him. To be his constant. To be his guide.

It hurts to think of him missing me. Needing me. While I’ve chosen to be somewhere else.

But I will come back stronger and better. A happier person. A better mom. He will learn to depend on others. Maybe even depend on himself a little bit.

And in three days, I will come home to him and hold him in my arms. And he will be my constant, once again.


4 responses to “Leaving

  1. Well, as my son sits here applying for colleges, I get a little sentimental. That will be a sad day.

    How did you do?

    It was so nice to meet you in Nashville!

    • Nice to meet you to! I found that after I wrote this, I was able to process it all better and had a truly fantastic time. I think if I’d held onto it, I may have dwelled a lot more.

      College? Yikes! It all goes so fast.

  2. I’m so glad this set you free, it was beautiful.


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