snow dance

When Maggie came into Nick’s room this morning, I pointed out to her that she had her pajamas on inside out and backwards.

“I know mom.”

Not an atypical response. She pretends to have done some things on purpose to avoid being wrong. (I have NO IDEA where she would pick up such things.) But both shirt and pants, backward and inside out?

“Really?” I asked.

“It’s a secret.”

“A secret?”

“Yes. From Mrs. {kindergarten teacher}”


“Yes, she said if we wore our pajamas inside out and backward and slept with a spoon under our pillow, it would snow.”

She was a bit disappointed to see that it had not, in fact, snowed.

When I came downstairs, I asked my husband if he knew of the pajama story.

“Yeah, she’s got a spoon under her pillow, too.”

This made me smile today. And makes me hope she gets that snow day tomorrow.


6 responses to “snow dance

  1. We had the same thing happen at our house in December…MB also insisted on putting an ice cube in the toilet. Go figure. Hope you guys get snow! We got 8 inches (maybe the pj’s and spoon thing really work :-)).

  2. Will told me the same thing. I think Mrs. ________ really is the one who wants the snow day 🙂

    • I think so too! All my teacher friends are doing their ceremonial snow dances. Lucky sweaters, lucky earrings, you name it. I’m not packing lunches. We’ll see!

  3. Nicholas came home and told me we had to flush 11 ice cubes down the toilet.

  4. John Burton and Miller both did all these things last night. JB was devastated when he woke up this morning!

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