the gift

So I have been racking my brain all day trying to come up with “my most memorable Christmas gift” as the third challenge in the Write-Of-Passage. I feel a little ungrateful to say that I don’t really remember any one gift that stands out from all the others.

This year seems to be the most memorable – maybe because the most easily remembered are the most recent, without time having had its way with the memory.

The gift that makes this year the most remarkable is the gift of health and happiness. At this moment in time, my own health is on a huge up-swing. My daughter’s health is perfectly normal, after seven cases of strep in as many months and a tonsillectomy. My son is showing huge improvement in learning and language. My husband’s melanoma has been at bay for eight years.

My parents are healthy and play an important role in my children’s lives . My brother is about to marry and begin a new life with the addition of a wife and a son.

I am surrounded by amazing friends. I write, and I find happiness.

The road has been bumpy, and the path not always straight, but we seem to be winding our way with more laughter than tears. I can’t think of a better gift than that.

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4 responses to “the gift

  1. I think it’s fantastic that your best Christmas is this year’s. That says a lot about how much you appreciate what you have, and what’s still to come. Congratulations!

  2. Here’s to your health!
    Have a merry one. See you in the New Year!!

  3. Have a healthy, happy Christmas, and an aMazing, merry New Year!


  4. I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful holiday season! Here’s hoping the year to follow is even better.

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