the funniest wrapping paper around

I have been going on to my friends for a while now about how stressed I am. I overbooked my time. (All my own fault.) And I don’t know who I think I am pretending that I am any more stressed/busy than everyone else.

One thing has kept me laughing though.

Our wrapping paper from last year.

See, I bought this extra-long wrapping paper to wrap all those odd sized children’s presents. Except I didn’t really have that many odd sized presents and I ended up cutting all my extra-long paper down to regular paper size.

Then when Christmas was over, I had three partially used rolls left over to store for a year. (In addition to the new regular-sized rolls that I bought last year on clearance.)

Two years ago, in one of my many attempts at getting organized, I bought a wrapping paper caddy. (A big plastic container that fits long rolls.) Except, you guessed it, it doesn’t fit extra-long rolls.

So there I was last year with three extra-long rolls and a regular sized caddy. What to do? If I remember correctly, I waited until I was pissed about something else, then went down to the basement and took out my post-holiday vengeance. I grabbed a pair of scissors and went nutso on the extra-long rolls. I chopped at them, cussing and trying to pare them down to normal size. To make them fit.

And when they proved to be too much for me, when I proved to be too weak, I resorted to folding the ripped up ends over so that I could at least shut the lid to the caddy.

And this year I have laughed at the never-freaking ending supply of paper on those three rolls. I have to cut off the part that I hacked on, so basically I trim each few feet down to a regular-sized roll as I go. Unrolling has become impossible as the massacred end flops over with each twist of the roll.

But I laugh.

I laugh at the anger I knew I was feeling when I did it.

I laugh at how absurd most of my attempts at organization turn out.

I laugh at all the promises I make that next year I will start earlier. That I will enjoy more. Do less.

It’s a maniacal kind of laugh.


6 responses to “the funniest wrapping paper around

  1. Hee! Hee! Laughing with you! I can totally relate. 😉

  2. You know, that happened to me as well. Got all excited about buying the nifty wrapping paper caddy and then none of my paper would fit in it. Why don’t they just make it tall enough to fit the extra long rolls?

  3. So funny! Do you have a shredder? You can make packing material of packages and that sound of the shredding is good for aggression! 😉

  4. oh, I totally understand the maniacal laughter. That pretty much describes the week I have had. I would have been more productive to just sit at home and pull all my hair out strand by strand.

  5. Ugh, same thing happened to me but I just leave the cover off the container which totally messes with my sense of chi.

  6. Maybe it’s time to start wrapping presents with eyelids. 🙂

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