I just had a realization. It’s Saturday so the whole family is together today. Tomorrow is Sunday. We will pick up Maggie from her first sleepover tomorrow morning. Then the kids go to school on Monday and Tuesday while Mike and I finish “the great paint of ’09.”

Then we will visit family for Thanksgiving since the kids will be off school Wednesday-Friday. Then it’s another weekend.

That’s nine days with my family. Yay! (Except I thrive on also being alone. Boo.) So I will be doing my best to enjoy my family, finish painting without needing to consult an attorney, and scheduling some me-time in there.


One response to “nine

  1. so right there with you! 😉 when I realize I’m facing one of those super-long with-you-every-day kind of stints, I start getting a little panicky and begin plotting activities to break up our time.

    i want to see the paint project. you are so lucky your hubby will do that with you. my husband WILL. NOT. EVER. AGAIN. do a paint project with me. (sigh.)

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