better her than me

After being home from school for a few hours tonight, Maggie looked at me and said “Guess what, mom?”


“I was sitting at lunch today and ______ threw up at the table.”

I blanched. Remember, just yesterday I was sitting at that table.

“Oh, no Maggie! What happened?”

“Oh, it was fine. He was sitting right next to me but I moved to the side and nothing got on me.”

“You were right next to him?”

“Yes, but it was OK.  It wasn’t that much. It just filled up one lunch tray.”


I would have had to go to the nurse if I’d been sitting next to him. And selfishly, thank you to the powers that be for making it happen today instead of yesterday.

And she says he was fine and stayed the rest of the day. I never know which parts of the story to believe and which parts delve into fantasy.


2 responses to “better her than me

  1. LOL!!! Oh, believe it Brigid! I still had the ringer on my cell off as they were trying to get in touch! When I called Mrs. Chatman, she told me he was ok. His exact words to the nurse, her, and myself were: “I took a bite of tomato and it must have been bad because it tasted funny and then I just had to throw it all up.” That’s what I get for making him to buy his lunch today:)

    • I’m glad he’s OK! But I’m so serious when I say I would have had to run in the other direction. I’m glad Maggie was able to be a good friend and just dodge out of the way. (Note to self: no tomatoes at the next playdate…)

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