URL friends

This internet world is a crazy place. In my experience, Facebook has been a way to connect and reconnect with family and friends from a long time ago as well as new friends. But twitter, twitter is a whole different world.

Twitter connects people with like interests who may or may not ever meet in person. Twitter is like Facebook on crack. Faster, bigger, crazier. And a lot of people don’t get it. Don’t like it. Don’t want anything to do with it.

I get that. I tried it earlier this year and always felt like I was talking to an empty room. If I kept blathering on and no one was around to hear me, did it matter what I said?

It does.

The friendships that are formed on Twitter are real. I have cried tears for people who I have never met in real life. I have cried tears for someone I only met once across a very crowded room.

I have witnessed the outpouring of love and support that these URL (and many IRL) friends have for each other. I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon them. And a better person for having known them.

And now, I would really like for @AnissaMayhew to wake up and hug her husband and her children. They need her to. And then she can get back to making us laugh.every.single.day.


One response to “URL friends

  1. You know, I had not heard of Anissa until yesterday. I have been amazed by the outpouring of support from Twitter and bloggers. It has been incredible. She certainly has a lot of people storming heaven with prayers on her behalf. Even people like me who only heard her name yesterday.

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