Holy hell. We’re getting ready to paint.

This week marks the four-year anniversary of moving into our house. And wallpaper remains that we swore we would take down “right after the holidays were over.” Umm, four years ago.

And apparently the time has come. I am typically the interior painter in this marriage. I painted every inch of our last house (it came with white, white, white sawdusty builder walls that sucked up paint by the gallon. ugh.) Actually, I take that back. Mike and I painted the upstairs bonus room right before we had it carpeted. And it was a good thing we worked in that order. Let’s just say, my side had zero drips and his side had less than a thousand. Maybe.

And he told me the other day he wants to paint the kitchen. We have had plans to paint the kitchen for a while. I have colors picked out, which we finalized tonight.  (I think we finalized. I plan on waffling on colors for at least a few more days, just to make myself miserable.)

So tomorrow I will commence with wallpaper removal.

(Maggie was so darn cute tonight. She heard us talking and got all defensive of the wallpaper. She kept touching it and telling us how much she loved it. I will say, after four years it has grown in me a little, but not enough to keep it.)

The kicker is, painting the kitchen and dining room, means also painting two hallways, a staircase and the sloped ceiling bonus room. And woodwork. We are doomed lucky to have copious amounts of woodwork. That alone will take me a year to do. We have agreed that the kitchen and dining room are our current project and the rest will have to wait four more years until after the holidays.

And I was going to start with the guest room. One simple room. Ha.

One thing I know, I’m going to get one serious drop cloth.



One response to “paint

  1. Good luck! I’m impressed that you’re tackling wallpaper removal by yourself.

    I used to tease my parents about all the “temporary becomes permanent” things in their house. Now that I’m married with kids and a house, I get it.

    My husband and I tried to paint our playroom after we moved into our house three years ago. I’m not sure we’ll try to paint anything again. Ever.

    Again, I hope it goes as well as it could.

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