Not to beat a dead horse, but I now know the definitive answer to what does any parent never want to see at 2am?

And that answer would be 106.


That was what the thermometer said my son’s temperature was two nights ago. Yes, it was an ear thermometer. Yes, they do have a margin of error. Doesn’t matter. Trust me on this one, you never want to see 106.

(And that was in the ear that was facing away from the pillow. The ear that was facing the pillow was bright red, as well as that side of his face was bright red – yeah, I didn’t even go there. I don’t know if I would have survived seeing 107  or worse and it would have been a false reading anyway, so I didn’t even go there.)

And I had a few moments panic as to whether to take him immediately to the ER. I decided not to. I gave him Motrin, which had knocked it down earlier, I stripped him down, put a wet wash cloth on his head and called the doctor’s office.  While I waited for them to call me back, he slept and his temp slowly dropped.

Had I taken him to the ER, they would have had to do things like a spinal tap to rule out meningitis, and other invasive tests to cover their ass. Certainly within a half hour if he hadn’t gotten better, to the ER we would go. But luckily we didn’t have to.

Last night went as smoothly as could be. We stayed ahead of the fever and he slept all night. What a relief. I used to think 102 wasn’t bad because we had weathered so many 104.5 temps. I hope my frame of reference never goes higher than 106.



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