I am finally, finally, starting to feel caught up on my life. Since I wallow all the time about being behind, I figured I would also share being almost caught up. (Please, if there is a hubris diety out there waiting to strike me down, I beg you to pretend you never read that.)

I have had some major projects come my way in the last few weeks and I have crossed them all off the list.

The kids played outside all weekend, which is one of the most lovely things I can ask for.

I have nothing waiting to be monogrammed. No lie. As I was typing that I remembered another item I need to purchase and monogram. Drat. Oh well. It’s only one thing. And I have a gift or two rattling around in my brain so maybe I’ll get them all done and feel like a monogramming olympian.

The house is still pretty messy. That much hasn’t changed. Bet hey, I’m not a perfect person.

And I’m going to totally pretend that not being on the computer (much) for five days had nothing to do with it.


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