Day one into my “going dark” experiment has proven enlightening. It turns out, I can ignore FB, Twitter, and blog reading with moderate discomfort. But my e-mail? Whoa. Whole other story.

In fact, due to talking myself into checking it for work more than once today, I actually wasn’t completely dark today. Though, the work instances were for real. The newsletter still sits unfinished and I had to check three of the pieces for content. I didn’t answer any e-mails, and only intend on answering the ones that are business related (newsletter, monogramming, and school related.)

Since I carry my phone with me in case of emergency while the children are at school, I had the internet in my pocket all day long. The iPhone plays a huge role in my dirty little habit. It’s there, with me all the time. Ignoring it seems so wrong. But ignore it, I did.

But my head seemed clearer today. My thought were a bit more my own. I had been taking in so much information in any given day that I haven’t given myself time to process much of it. But today, I was free to think about what was actually happening today. I was less overwhelmed by small things, heck, even big things, because I was in the moment. In my own life, instead of in so many others.

To be sure, I changed my own rules more than a dozen times on what I should have decided – for instance, the internet is OK if the children are sleeping, or I get to check e-mail once a day, or e-mail is OK, just not social media. But other than the few times I glanced at mail, I stayed dark.

Tomorrow the newsletter will hopefully be put to bed. And with it, my excuse to check mail.

Day one was easier than I imagined. But without my glimpses, I would probably be climbing the walls right now. Maybe it’s a weaning process. Let’s hope.


One response to “darkish

  1. Congrats on making it through day one fairly unscathed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I left my iPhone charger at my office last Thursday and Friday just did not feel up to driving into Brentwood to retrieve it. So…I let it run down and I actually survived most of Saturday and all of Sunday without constantly checking all of my e-mail accounts. Maybe I need to let the battery run down and leave the charger behind more often.

    So sad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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