This morning I opened the back van-door opposite of Nick’s side to put some blankets in there for Maggie’s field trip.

“No dog in there,” he said, pointing to the floor.

He still hasn’t forgiven me for putting a dog in the car. But it made me laugh out loud.  And laughing out loud is my biggest goal right now. Laughter is good for the soul.

Tonight at dinner Nick spilled his juice because he wanted more, not realizing there was still some in his glass.

Mike helped him clean up.

Then Nick did the exact same thing again, spilling what hadn’t spilled the first time.

I laughed so hard, Maggie kept looking at me to make sure everything was OK.

A little exercise, a little less candy (though that was almost a given after the Halloween-week-candy-eating-binge I have been on) and some yoga breathing really did the trick. Now, I just need to do it again tomorrow.


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