Nov 1

The first day of November has already been wrought with over thinking by me. It feels much more like a trial run of the first of January when I am heavy with New Year’s resolutions.

Some of mine from today:

Yell less.  (OMG – my hormones have been so out of whack these last couple months that I don’t even recognize myself sometimes.)

Work on getting hormones back in check. (Less sugar. More exercise. Yoga breathing. For starters…)

Spend less time mindlessly on the computer. (Hmmm, November is NaBloPoMo  which means more writing and more reading. That doesn’t really make less computer time all that likely. Unless I really work on the mindless part.)

Get life in order. (Ha!)

Christmas shop. (We are having an early Christmas with some family this year which is a great reason to get it all done early and sit back while everyone else is in panic mode. Except it implies that I get it all done.)

I already have more on the calendar for November than I care to think about right now. Not including all the things that will come up in the next 29 days.  So here’s to getting it all done, writing about it, and breathing all the while.




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