potty humor

At least I think it’s humor.  And as long as I’m laughing, we’re all doing OK. Nick actually went all day at school in the same clothes I dropped him off in! Yay!

Then 10 minutes after we got home, he fell while in the kitchen. He normally bounces pretty well, but he bonked his head and was crying pretty hard for him. I sat him down on the step to evaluate the seriousness of the injury. (Not too serious, just a bump on the head – says the woman who would have to lay down if I had a bump like that on my head. Ahem.)

As I tried to calm him down, I noticed a wet spot on his pants that seemed to be growing.

Ha! So I picked him up and pivoted out the back door and into the driveway. So he could continue to pee and I would have less clean-up to do. But apparently the last time he pulled his pants up at school, he smooshed his pen!s up and it was stuck in the elastic of his underwear. So when he continued to pee it was literally shooting out like a sprinkler and was randomly spraying everywhere. I busted out laughing.

When he finally stopped and calmed down from the head bump, we got him cleaned up and he was fine. I was still chuckling a bit.  It was good stuff.

Then an hour later at dinner, he was mid bite when I heard the drip drop under his chair. Since he had just peed an hour earlier, I didn’t think to have him sit before dinner. Hahahahaha. I’m still laughing.

So Maggie and I just waited.  And waited. And waited.  As he peed. And peed. And peed. I swear, he’s still two, but has the bladder capacity of a 300-pound man.

“At least he didn’t have his shoes on!” Maggie said.

I mopped up a bit with some towels, and basically let him finish eating. When he was finished eating, we cleaned the floor and commenced with a bath for him.

At least I am still laughing.

With the first child, I was took potty training so personally.  I was so invested in it. The second time around, I am finding the humor in it. It’ll happen sooner or later. I just hope I can maintain my sense of humor for the duration. (Says the woman who is one week in. Ask me again in a month or two.)

[Spell check doesn’t think peed is a word. Am I nuts here? Past tense of pee?]


One response to “potty humor

  1. I am SO feeling this with you. The humor, the frustration, the triumph. Who knew potty training could encapsulate so much of the human experience? It sounds like he’s getting the hang of it, though. Here’s to more triumph and less laundry.

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