can I get a new battery?

Do you ever get out of the house and realize your cell phone battery doesn’t have a full charge?  And then you try to conserve using it, just in case you have an emergency where you have to use it?  And then as you get closer to the end of your outing, you get a little more blase’ about using it down to zero, because you are almost home anyway and you can charge it as soon as you get there?


Just me?

Well, that’s kind of what living with one under-active adrenal gland is like. Except the battery never gets a full charge.  You could leave it plugged in for two days and it would only charge about halfway.

I get up.  I go. About six hours later my battery goes dead. I nap. I go for about six hours and my battery goes dead again. I go to bed. Or, I realize around 9pm that I have made it almost home with a tiny bit of life in my battery and I stay up until midnight, thereby totally screwing myself for the next day.

I spend a great deal of time sleeping.  More than I would like. (And no, it’s not depression.)

Some days, even if I’m not crashing during nap time, I nap anyway.  Because I have tried to push through and get a lot of stuff done.  (I love getting a lot of stuff done.) But then I fall asleep at 7pm after suffering through the last two hours with the kids.  I’m not much good when that battery indicator starts blinking red, and sleep is the only way to recharge the worn out adrenal. It’s not fair to the kids and it’s not fun as a mom. So I nap, as often as I bloody well can.

I take supplements to help my lone adrenal work.  To strengthen it.  Stretch it’s abilities. I might be nutty here, but I’m kind of thinking the supplement had something to do with what is being called “Passive-Agressive 09” which I starred in all weekend. So now I will start trying to figure out if P-A 09 was coincidence or if I might be reacting to something in the supplement.

I loved spending the last two days with Maggie while she was on fall break.  She and I really needed to reconnect.  I think we did.  It kicked my butt to literally run around the zoo, leaving the house at 8am and coming home at 5pm. (Yes, I am aware that is a normal workday, or shorter than normal workday for most of you.)

When the doctors removed my tumorous adrenal and pronounced me cured, they forgot to give me a super-duper battery charger.  So I nap. And some days I don’t. The days that I don’t are the days you will find me willing the children to bed at 6:30pm so I can go to bed with them.  And I do.  And I sleep from 7pm until 6am and I feel human and whole again.  Whole enough to try to skip a nap, and then start all over again.

A mom I met at the zoo happened to mention that sometimes she sleeps about 11 hours total in two nights.  I had just slept 11 hours the previous night.  And I was tired.  I couldn’t have been more jealous.


One response to “can I get a new battery?

  1. Well written, Brigid. I take an adrenal supplement. But, I have more than one adrenal. Sorry you deal with this.

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