one job

When I was seven months pregnant with Maggie, my husband and I took a trip to Key West.  It was a work/fun trip.  After one of the nights out, when I just wanted to hang out in the hotel room and be seven-months-pregnant (it may have possibly been eight months, my memory already fails me on such things), we watched a Chris Rock comedy show on HBO.

It was hilarious.

One of the funniest parts, which we have regularly mentioned since was this whole thing he did about finding out he was going to have a baby girl.  He said (and forgive me, I am not Chris Rock) he had one job.

One job.

And that was to keep his baby girl off the pole. We have endlessly joked that my husband has one job.


Today while I was participating in a yard sale with friends, my husband took the kids to a free event called Touch-A-Truck.  I had heard it was a pretty cool thing.  They have all kinds of trucks –  a cement truck, double decker bus, regular school bus, ambulance, fire truck, dump truck, and on and on.  The kids get to climb on the trucks, sit in the seats, honk the horns.  You know, stuff that kids like to do.

So they went while I hung out with my friends toiled away.

Maggie got to go on stage with a magician and came home with an animal balloon shaped like a monkey on a tree.  Like, the most serious detailed balloon animal I have ever seen.  She loved the whole thing.

I asked her what her favorite part had been.

“Mom, there was this bus that was sooo tall.  It was like two things tall.”

“A double decker bus?”

“Yes!  It had fancy lights on the floor and it was so cool!  I got to swing around on this pole and swung so fast I landed right on the couch.”

Ummmm, yes.  When you put the pieces together you can figure out that my husband has failed his one and only job.  My baby girl swung on a stripper pole today.


2 responses to “one job

  1. It was great hanging out yesterday at the brunch! And OMG, I LOVE that story! (But I had a pole dancing party for my last birthday, soooo…somebody is in trouble on my end too!) That is really hilarious! Maggie is at the top of my girls list names, by the way, I think it is so cute. Please come visit sometime!

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