excuse me

Excuse me can be said in many ways.  Snarky, sweet, funny, questioning.  Those words can carry a lot of different meaning.

My son says those words often, and most times I end up laughing out loud.

“Excuse me, cat,” he says to the cat he is terrified of.  He just wanted it to go away so he could get to his toys.

“Excuse me, mommy,” he says to me when he wants to go around me, not wanting to change his path.  Even though there was 10 feet of open space on the other side of me.

“Excuse me, dinosaur,” he says to the dinosaur pajamas he left at the bottom of the step, now that he was ready to walk there.

“Excuse me, door,” he says when his hands are full and the door has closed just enough that he can’t get through.

Then when you least expect it, he walks over to his sister and kicks her.


3 responses to “excuse me

  1. Excuse me, Brigid. Great post.

  2. Thanks, Jen. I forgot one of my favorites:

    “Excuse me, buckle,” he says to the buckle in the car seat. You know the one. Between the legs, on the five-point harness.

    {And you answered my question. I need commas after “me” in all of those. It looked so cluttered with the quotation marks. Oh, well.}

  3. that’s what passes for manners around here, too

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