the desk

My husband got me a desk. A desk that will fit my sewing machine and my computer and all my piles of papers, as he puts it.

Not exactly the desk I had in mind, but a lovely desk nonetheless.

Oh, and free.  That’s always a bonus.

But gargantuan.  Not so much a bonus, when you take into account that my “office” is a miniature room at the top of the stairs between the kids’ rooms. Just big enough for a desk.

This new desk is an L-shaped desk. The major drawback being that the long side was 2 inches too long from fitting where it needed to go.  So he rotated it, which left three feet of desk jutting out into the hallway.

Ummm, no.

Except, he was so in love with the free desk that he wouldn’t budge.  He thought it looked great.

I waited, silently willing him to see the error of his ways.

And it worked!  This morning he came up and asked if I really hated it.  Ummm, yes.  Not the desk per se, but the fact that it was sticking out three feet into the hallway.

“If it fit on the original wall like we thought it would, that would be great. I don’t even need the second piece (of the L), just the long piece would be fine.”

(But it was FREE, and he was not going to waste something that was FREE.)

So he told me of his plans to cut it with a saw to make it fit.

And I died a little inside. I imagined him losing a digit or two over a FREE desk. Then he wouldn’t be able to work and I would be forced to get a job. And I wouldn’t be able to make enough money to support the family and we would have to sell our FREE desk to buy dog food to eat.

But I kept my mouth shut. (Except for one tiny FB status.)

And by golly. As I sit here right now, there is a desk that is a few inches shorter than it was this morning, and it fits perfectly, and no one lost a digit, and I got to eat a tasty dinner of my own words.  (Though because I kept my mouth shut except for a few people who heard the story today, I really only had to eat a light snack instead of a whole meal.)

And I did post a retraction on FB, with the words “I was wrong” included.  Too bad he isn’t on FB.


2 responses to “the desk

  1. thank you — i needed this

  2. so funny, Brigid. Love the vision of the protruding desk.

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