moments like this

I went consignment shopping for the kids today.  I love getting a ton of clothes for not that much money.  It makes me happy.

I also went to Target for underwear and socks for the kids.

When Maggie got home from school I had to talk her into trying on her new clothes.  She hates to try things on.  But the deal was, she could veto anything that she really didn’t like. And so we began.

Let me say, I had picked out about three pairs of pants when I first got to the store.  I looked down at them in my arms and laughed and hung them back up.  They were things I liked. Let’s be clear, if I like it, chances are good she won’t like it.  I tried to get in her head so we could avoid the I don’t like that conversation.

And so I picked out every pink or red or patterned or decorated thing I could find.  And didn’t pick out anything brown or khaki or navy.  (OK, I got one pair of khaki pants, but they will go with everything – they were the one thing she declined, and I had to do a tough sell, but she decided they would be OK – meaning she will only wear them under duress and when nothing else is clean. And I’m fine with that.

A few things we both really liked.  The others I can live with. One makes me laugh, but that’s a story for another day. (Or maybe a photo for another day.)

But the best part was when I showed her the new socks and tights and underwear.  She picked up the underwear and looked it over.  She ran over to me and gave me a big hug and thanked me profusely.

Then she looked up at me and said “I just love moments like this.” And she hugged me again.  All this over a new package of underwear.  Who knew?

That kid.  I tell you – I love her.


One response to “moments like this

  1. All three posts- very nice. Your kids are awesome and so are you! (and I’ll give Mike a little pat on the back too for making the desk fit)

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