a first

I haven’t mentioned much about Nick’s speech and development in a while.  Partly because he is making great progress. Partly because I am waiting to see what happens when he has his big evaluation, which we are still wait-listed for.

These are some things he said on the way home from school today:

“Mom, who was that?” he asked right after I finished a phone call.

And then “I can’t hear it!” when he wanted me to turn the radio up.

“Maggie’s school bus! Maggie’s school bus!” he yells anytime we see any yellow school bus. (I think he thinks there is one school bus out there and that Maggie rides around on it all day long. I don’t know what he’s do if he saw two buses at the same time.)

When I was getting dinner ready, I actually asked him for the first time in his life to stop talking. He was on a roll telling me everything I needed to be doing.

In comparison to where he was six months ago, it brings tears to my eyes.  Comparing Nick to Nick shows a definite surge up. Comparing Nick to “an average” child his age, makes the differences more apparent.  But onward we go.

And the sense of humor on this kid.  He is really coming into his own with the entertaining. And as long as he is laughing, I can’t ask for anything else.


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