passing the torch

Fall arrived in about a day’s time.  I have no idea how it snuck in without any warning – could be the two weeks of rain.  But it’s here.  Or is it?  It’s kind of trying to be fall, and October starts tomorrow, but seriously, there have been plenty of October days spent in shorts and t-shirts. So I’m a little leery.

Not leery enough that I haven’t dug out a few pairs of long pants and long-sleeved shirts for the kids.  Well, I shouldn’t say long pants for Maggie, they are more aptly described as pants that sit two inches above her shoes.  All of her long pants are high waters.  According to her last endocrinology appointment, she has grown over two inches in the last six months.  And all her pants are making that painfully obvious.

Nick, on the other hand, finally has pants that fit his length, but now he’s thinned out enough that they fall off his waist.  As in plumber’s butt. All day. Nice.

So we will be heading out to the consignment store soon to get some properly fitting pants (if such a thing actually exists.)  But we are going out of town this weekend, and I have found after-school shopping to be not-the-most-fun-I-have-ever-had. So I’m rooting for a touch of a warm-up so we can eek out another two weeks of shorts wearing.

I am also looking into finding some leg warmers for Maggie to give those pants of hers new life.

As she was taking off a pair of painfully short long-pants, pants I knew she was particularly fond of, she asked if she could keep them for house-clothes. You know, clothes you wouldn’t really wear out of the house, but stuff that is too comfortable to part with.  Like pretty much half of my closet. Of course I said yes.

And that, my friends, is the birth of another generation of hoarders.


One response to “passing the torch

  1. I love “house-clothes”! I know exactly what she means. 🙂

    And, incidentally, I don’t really put away the summer clothes until well into November.

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