In my never-ending attempt to not get out of bed before 8am, I met with disaster this morning.  Nick actually slept until a little after 6am, and then allowed me to hang out in his bed while he read books in his room.  Maggie got up closer to 7:30am  and came in and snuggled with me for a minute.

I was a little twisted up in the bed, and she was on my arm.  I glanced at Nick who was about to call someone from my phone and I twisted my neck in just the wrong way.  I felt a shot from my skull to my back as the muscles snapped and I was frozen in place.

I had kind of been waiting to get a sinus infection after the stress of the last few weeks dwindled down.  Then I got the first of what will be many medical bills and my stress level quickly rose again.  So my neck and shoulder are bearing the brunt.

Being an adult is over-rated.


2 responses to “snap

  1. By 12:45 am, both kids were in our bed and I must have slept just the right way because I can’t turn my head to the right. Hoping to work the kinks out soon. What’s the usual remedy for this? I am going dancing tomorrow and there’s no way I’m letting this stop me!

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