Wake up, Jeff!

So Nick has decided, insisted actually,  he must be Jeff (the Wiggle) for Halloween.  It kind of took us a little by surprise, because Nick doesn’t insist on much of anything.  But of this, he is certain.

So we figured out who the whole family would be – Maggie will be Sam (yellow), I will be Anthony (blue) and Mike will be Murray (red.)

All was agreed.

And then the other night Nick decided he would like to be Oscar (formerly known as Oscar the Grouch.) And then he decided I would be Big Bird, Maggie would be Zoe and Mike would be Cookie Monster. (Is Cookie Monster now going just by Cookie?  These celebs, always with the name changes…)

Except who would be his beloved Elmo then?  So Nick rearranged all the names and matched us up again.  This is a process that takes him quite a bit of thought, and is not an easy task.

An hour later he decided to be Jeff, again.

And then this morning, he decided to be Wags the Dog, Maggie will be Dorothy the Dinosaur, Mike will be Henry the Octopus, and I will be Captain Feathersword.  No, wait, he doesn’t want me to be Captain Feathersword.  So he must rework the whole arrangement.

And then decided to be Jeff, again.

Every Halloween for three years, Maggie has decided on Nov 1st what she will be the next year.  And she has stuck by it. I had no idea what a great thing that was, until this year.


One response to “Wake up, Jeff!

  1. this is soooooo funny! I can just see little Nick going over and over the arrangements. can’t wait to see exactly who everyone dresses as.

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