adios tonsils

Ummm, where was I?  Oh yes, Nick’s scans are clean.  That was nine days ago.  Since then both kids got hand, foot, and mouth disease (mild cases) and Maggie has had her tonsils out.

All things considered we are hanging in there.

My mom (a retired nurse) has been here helping to nurse Maggie.  And do things like look in Maggie’s throat.  I finally looked in on day three and almost hurled right there on the spot.  It may have been the single grossest thing I have seen in person to this point in my life. I don’t really know if I thought there would be unicorns and rainbows in there three days after surgery, but I was quite alarmed at the reality.  And that is why my mom is the very best – she does things like that for me.

Oh, and watches the kids so I can go to lunch with my girlfriends.

And then looks at me after I get back and says “Why don’t you go take a nap?”

One lucky girl, I am.

Back to the patient, Maggie was the perfect patient according to the nurses and doctors.  We arrived at 6:30am and were home by 11am. The first day she was looped enough to not even care.

Then came day two. Ugh.  Day two.

Pretty rough.  Forcing 32 oz into a five-year-old who refuses to swallow – not the most fun I have had in recent years. But we have gotten through the worst few days and yesterday she downed a full 50 oz. She is on the road to recovery, though, at some point the battle will change from forcing fluids to holding her down when she wants to run and jump and play. And I think that day may be today.

Nine more days without breaking a sweat.  Nine more days of no major activity. Nine more days of no gym class or recess. I might need to look into getting a straight jacket of some sort.


One response to “adios tonsils

  1. Hey, can you send your mom over here? What a great mama you have! 🙂

    Glad the tonsils are gone and all is going well … 🙂

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