a great day

I finally got the call.  The scans are all clean.  The physical shape and makeup of Nick’s brain is just what it is supposed to be.


Let me say that again.


I almost threw up from relief when I hung the phone up.  (Except throw up is really gross, and I was driving at the time.) (Which leads me to this thought – with the advent of cell phones and returning very important calls at random times of the day, sometimes days after they were expected, what happens if you are driving and you get bad news?  You pull over, yes, but at the moment I took the call, there was no where to stop.  Trust me, I thought about this because had the result been different, you can be sure the vomit would have come.  Just an observation.)

So my day couldn’t have gotten any better.

And then it did.

Just the other night I was silently lamenting (in my head) that my husband never really surprises me.  No surprise birthday parties, no trips, no romantic gestures of grandeur (I don’t need or want grandeur all the time, but once would be nice.)

And today – grandeur. (Not the delusional kind, either.)

Today on our 10th anniversary, when I came home from Nick’s gym class finally being able to breath after a week of misery, my husband left roses and a card and a little bag on the table.

A little bag that had the name of a jewelry store on it.

(Let me preface this by saying, Mike and I picked out my engagement ring together.  I knew it was coming and I knew when.  I have never, never had a little box placed in front of me that was a surprise.)

And today I got that little box.  And I opened it to find the most beautiful diamond stud earrings I have ever seen.

I love them.  I feel spoiled by them.  I know there are people saving every penny to make ends meet (we have been those people on many occasions) and I feel a little guilty over the grandeur. But the fact that he did it on his own and actually surprised me warms my heart as much as the day he asked me to marry him.


6 responses to “a great day

  1. Yay! Brigid. A great day indeed.

    Also… I’ve given you an award. Pick it up here:



  2. This made me cry, Brigid! I am so happy for you today! A VERY Happy 10th!

  3. That ROCKS! (sorry, had to do it.)
    Happy 10th!

  4. Tears in my eyes right now. Tears. Happy anniversary.

  5. Brigid, I too am literally tearing up (I have to stop reading blogs at work!) and I am so happy for you! I know it’s not just the fact that you got what I am sure are beautiful diamond earrings, but it’s the thought that really counts. The diamonds are the cherries on top.

  6. Ahhh~ so romantic! I’ll bet they also look grand on your ears.
    Congrats on Nick’s MRI, Maggie’s tonsils, your blog award and a sweet anniversary!!
    September is a very good month indeed…

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