a watched pot

So the phone rang today, a few times.  None of those calls were from the neurologist’s office.  Which has me a little past nuts right now.  I called them (again) today and was told the same thing – “We’ll have the nurse call you.”

So I prowled around the house all day with the phone velcroed to my hand, lest I miss the call. I even did the whole turn the phone on to see if there is a dial tone, because surely the phone must be broken since the doctor’s office has not called yet.

And the counting of hours – first I was told we would know something the morning after the test, then possibly the end of the same day as the test, then at most 24-48 hours.  And let me see, quick math, we are sitting at 58 hours right now, and since the office is closed for the night, I can go ahead and say it will be a minimum of 70 hours before I hear anything and that would be if they called the moment the office opened.  (At which point you would have to revive me from off the floor where I would be after fainting from shock.  I fully expect this nonsense to go on another day now.)  And at the risk of repeating myself, if they had said “It will be Friday before we can get you the results,” I would still be singing their praises, instead of playing with voodoo dolls.

Anyway, in an attempt to temper the bile that I am spewing right now, I will share a smile with you from this afternoon.  Nick from while we were waiting for Maggie to get off the bus and Maggie from after school.  (Of course, the phone rings outside too, well, that is, it rings if someone calls.)

It should be noted, that while the driveway is not a hill per se, it has quite an incline that he is pedaling up.

And next up, she’ll kill me for this someday, but I can’t resist.  I apparently dropped the ball on teaching proper hula hooping skills when she was younger, so she is making up for lost time and teaching herself.  Enjoy.


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