Things that make me happy:

Maggie bringing home notes today from her new “best frend.”

The bus dropping her off at the end of our driveway.  (And starting tomorrow, picking her up at the end of our driveway.)

Nick riding his tricycle today like crazy.  Seriously, he was motoring.

The kick-ass fall weather we are having this week.

Things that frustrate me to no end:

Being told I will get Nick’s MRI results the day after the MRI, and then NOT getting them the day after.  Please, tell me that I will get the results in four days and surprise me two days early, but DO NOT, for all that is sane, do not tell me I will get results the next day and give me nothing. (Telling me I might even get them same day because we were the first patient in the morning is just plain cruel.)


2 responses to “waiting

  1. Brigid, I am thinking about you and sending all the love and positive thoughts I have your way. I love your “happy” list, but hate what the dr’s office has done. It is indeed cruel to make you wait (esp. longer than promised), and I hope the first call they make tomorrow morning is to you. And, of course, that it’s good, good news. xoxo to you and sweet Nick!

  2. Thinking about you and hoping the waiting is over soon!

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