first day

I took some notes today for future posts, because I seem to have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head and not enough time/energy to get them out.  But for today, I’m going to skip my deep self-analytical post and give you the basic update.

Today was Maggie’s first day of kindergarten.  Drop off went great.  The children and parents waited in the hallway until the appropriate bell.  At one point Mike and I had moved out of the way to allow the newest throng of children and parents to enter.  Maggie looked up at one point and couldn’t see us.  She had her searching eyes on, but the noise level was so loud I couldn’t immediately get her attention.

When I finally caught her eye, she smiled a tiny bit and gave me the quickest wave.

It wasn’t her normal smile and it wasn’t her normal wave.

My eyes immediately welled up with tears.  My little girl was scared.

She held it together.  I managed to hold it together (mostly because I didn’t want to embarrass her, or scare her, and because another mom looked at me and said “Don’t start that!”)

As soon as she could go into the room and get her bearings, she was fine.  As in “See you at home when I get off the bus” fine.  And that was that.

I spent the rest of the day being very productive (except for the half hour where I ate lunch and watched the model version of Project Runway – but at least I was multi-tasking.)

Next week, the productivity will continue.  And hopefully the writing will ease back into a predictable pattern again.

On another unrelated note – yesterday was Nick’s appointment with the neurologist.  The doctor ordered an MRI which will have to be done under general anesthesia.  We are waiting to hear from the schedulers.  We are also on the waiting list for the Developmental Department of the university near us.  I am confident we are doing the right thing.  The MRI will hopefully rule out anything super scary, and we will move forward with a plan.

One thing about going into that children’s hospital – I have never gone there with either of my children (who have had four specialists between them) and not left completely humbled and thankful.  One’s child/children having health issues is the most frightening feeling I have ever experienced.  There are parents fighting much scarier battles than I am, that much I know for sure.


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