This weekend was my 20-year high school reunion.  It was, in one word: fantastic.

All of the high school drama has long since been forgotten.  We gathered together with a common bond of having shared the same teachers, the same classes, having walked the same halls and having grown up with each other.

My dearest and closest high school friends were all there.  We laughed so hard my face hurt.  Our spouses jumped right in and shared in our memories at times, and also stood back to let us reminisce as only those who had been there could do.

But the laughter.  Oh the laughter.

My best friends I have seen off and on over the years.  Most of us are spread out a bit, but we try.  But how crazy it was to see people I last saw in 1989, and to feel like little time had passed.  I am aware for possibly the first time, just how lucky I was to have gone to DHS.  I was surrounded by some truly wonderful people.

And turning around every five minutes to see a new face, to do a little mental jig and connect the past with the present.  Some people have changed so much in appearance, some not a bit.  But what struck me the most was how grown up we all are.

Around town I tried to recognize anyone I passed.  Did I know you?  Should I know you?  But I realized I was looking at youngsters as though we were still young.  I was looking at people who were our age, 20 years ago.  I finally realized I needed to be studying the adults for recognition, not the teenagers.  We are the adults now.

Going back to a place that I have childhood memories from, and looking through the eyes of a grown up was almost shocking.

Oh, and uh, guess what?  Some of those people who I haven’t seen in two decades?  Yeah, they have stopped by this place and read about me.  Ack!  (I am thankful for each and every positive comment that I received.)

I must say, Facebook had a lot to do with making this reunion so awesome.  Having started the conversation months ago, made continuing the conversation easier (though eerie at times too.)

I had my own moments this weekend, to be sure.  Moments of utter inability to find something to say.  Moments of extreme nervousness.  Moments when I realized my hands were literally blue. (I didn’t realize I should have washed my new jeans until I was packing them, and there was no time.  Since it was quite chilly I had my hands tucked in my pockets a bit toward the end of the night.  Yeah, my hands were tinted blue by the end of the night from the dye.  No one noticed except me.  I think…)

But blue hands and bundles of nerves aside, this was truly one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had in a long time.  No doubt I will continue to appreciate different aspects of the events and have more to say in coming days.  But for now, I just want to smile some more at the memories.


2 responses to “reunited

  1. yep — reunions remind us that we have grown up

  2. good gawd….that gave me chills…love ya!

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