lost (not the show) part II

Let’s see… where was I? Oh, yes. Calmly asking the nice man what they did for lost children.

He looked at me as if to ask are you just curious, or do you have a lost child. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer his unasked question.  I was still 99.9% sure she was going to appear at any moment.

In a moment of I will never be able to live with myself if some strange person has scooped her up and is driving across town with her at this very moment, I said “She’s 5.  Her name is Maggie Day.”

He explained that he would get some information from me and the team would search while I waited at the desk.  They would bring her to me, all the while communicating by radio.

“What is she wearing?”

“A pink Hello Kitty shirt.  Teal shorts. White tennis shoes.”

“What color hair does she have?”

“Brownish-blonde.  Short.”

I felt like such an ass.  I was there with one child, and still managed to lose her.

And with that, he radioed out a very serious alert, lost child code something, and I saw many red-shirted people spring to action.  I heard a few “not here’s” and then a moment or two later I heard “Momma?”


I told him I could hear her.  I was still supposed to stay at the desk, but I could finally see her one floor up.  (It wasn’t really a whole floor up, this tower thing had many, many levels.)  I watched with tears filling my eyes (that’s my way – calm until crisis is over, then flood with emotion) as a red-shirted man told Maggie she needed to come with him.  Which she declined.  Because she didn’t know him.  (That’s my girl.) He pointed to me and said something to her about me looking for her.  When I nodded it was OK, she came with him and we met on the stairs.

“Mom!  You won’t believe the amazing view up at the top!” were her first words.  “You have got to come up here and see it!”

I asked her to sit on the stairs with me for a moment so I could work up the ability to oh, I don’t know, STAND.

We talked.

Turns out, what I thought was the top floor, had another staircase that I somehow missed.  She had gone up about another nine floors to the teeny, tiny top where there was an amazing view.  I know because as soon as I calmed down, I went up there with her.  Had I known the staircase was there originally, I would have been able to follow.  What goes up… and all.  But since I was playing with the handicap of not knowing the “Tower” was the understatement of the year, I stopped way short.  I think the map should have a key for first floor, second floor, and the 30 floors of the tower.  Because those of us who saw on the map that the building only had two floors would easily think the building only had two floors.  Not the case, at all.

So, what a relaxing mother/daughter day.  Kindergarten starts in nine days.  We should be good until then.  Right?  Right???


6 responses to “lost (not the show) part II

  1. I have always thought that museum should take the Chucky Cheese approach to marking kids. I am always on edge in there because it would be just that easy.

  2. Goodness gracious! Your post had my heart pumping fast! So glad it ended happily!

  3. that is so, so scary

  4. Brigid,
    This same thing happened to us with Meghan who is adventuresome and in love with life just like Maggie! She was also about 5 at the Adventure Science tower, and I could not see where she had gone. She has done that to us since then at other places……..we turn and she is gone to seek some fun! Today’s world can be a scary place.

  5. Brigid,

    So scary. So glad it ended the way it did. AND so well-written. Really. You are a terrific storyteller.

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