lost (not the show) part I

I found out on Monday that Nick’s schedule at school was not exactly what I thought it was.  In my head, he was going Monday, Wednesday and Thursday just like Maggie went last year.

“See you tomorrow!” his teacher said as we were leaving pick-up on Monday.

“Oh, not tomorrow.  He comes back on Wednesday,” I said.

“Um, I have him on my schedule for tomorrow, I think,” she said as she checked her schedule.

At this point I began to remember the conversation I had with the director weeks before where she asked me how married to those days I was.  I told her the Tuesday or Wednesday day was fine, just to let me know.

Long story long, I have been juggling some appointments for this week and next week, but after that, it won’t matter much that I can tell.

But that meant today Maggie and I had an unplanned day together.  So after we stopped at the pediatrician to rule out a yeast infection or UTI (that would be a whole other post) we headed to the local children’s science museum for a mother/daughter afternoon.

We went directly to the moon walk feature where the person is attached to a harness which simulates the gravity (or lack there of) on the moon.  Somehow I ended up in a harness right next to Maggie.  As we waited in the on-deck circle, I witnessed a woman almost having her large bosoms removed from her body by said harness.  But I was strapped in and there was no turning back.  It ended up being fun for Maggie and for my small bosom. Whew.

After a few more exhibits and running into some friends, we had a little bit of time before heading to pick Nick up from school.  The center of the building is called the Tower.  Makes sense, because it goes up a few floors and there are all these climby things and tunnels.  Cool.  Maggie ventured up and back down a few times.  I took a moment to play a healthy food version of whack-a-mole and just like that, like a scene from a freaking movie, she was gone.


I went up a level, then another.  Then back down three levels to the bottom.  Then watched for a moment (really, I have no idea for how short long because time stops when you are looking for your child in a huge public place.)

I checked tunnels.  I checked climby things.  I called out, but it was louder than loud so calling out did no good.

I stayed calm.  I was sure at any moment she would appear.  I was 99.9% sure.

The .1% of me that was not sure, ended up at the desk at the bottom of the stairs, which also happened to be the entrance/exit.

I walked up to a nice young man working behind the counter.

“What do you do for a missing child?” I asked,  still rather calm and levelheaded.

(To be continued…)


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