not quite prepared

I have been really looking forward to Maggie’s half-day of school today.  It’s a great way to break the ice.  A few of the kids go with their parents and spend a few hours walking around the school, getting familiar with their new teacher and new surroundings.  We were both pretty excited.

And then last night I clarified with another parent that parents were to stay today.  It’s the next time that the children are just dropped off, right?


So with little preparation (mentally) from me, I dropped Maggie off at kindergarten today.  And I teared up walking down the hall while she was still with me. I talked myself into pulling it together so she wouldn’t think it was such a big deal.

“I sure do think the moms should stay today.  It’s just the first day and I sure do think the moms should stay,” Maggie said.

“I wish I could stay with you, but I think this morning is a special day for you and your teacher and a couple of your new friends,” I said.

“But if she says it’s OK, you can stay if you want to.”

“I’ll be sure to ask.”

We were the first ones there and Maggie had a minute with her teacher all to herself.  She was fine when it was time for me to go, already asking if she could get some work out and get started.

I know today will make next week a lot easier when it’s her first official day of school.  Give me strength waiting for the school bus that first day. (She has begged and pleaded to ride the bus home from school – which is a total of two blocks.  We granted her wish, and now she’s not too sure about it.)

You hear it over and over and over.  My baby was just a baby, and now she is in school.  How in the flip did that happen?


2 responses to “not quite prepared

  1. Overnight my friend.

  2. Every mom remembers that first day drop off like it was yesterday, even when the child is an adult.

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