moving right along

Well, I spent most of yesterday in fear of the four letter word (PUKE) and the five letter word (VOMIT).  But we caught the strep in time.  Oh, yes.  Strep for the 173rd time this year.  We will meet with an ENT in the near future to schedule a tonsillectomy.  Waaaaahhhhh.

While I hate the idea of Maggie having surgery, and it doesn’t always help, I am ready for this chapter of our lives to be over.  It appears she will most likely have to miss a week plus a day from school.  I know she’s going to hate missing school, but at least it’s just kindergarten and she’s not going to be missing algebra or geometry.

On the bright side, Nick’s evaluation went fairly well.  He has closed the gap by two months, which is what I was hoping would happen.  (My plan is to close the gap by two months every six months and eventually catch up.  I don’t function very well without a plan.)

He was in a feisty mood during his exam (and the rest of the day), and his SLP said he probably scored a little lower than his actual ability, so there’s that too.  Forward progress is all I’m asking for, and we got that.

We indeed had to cancel the trip to Louisville, which was a bummer all around.  We were all looking forward to getting away, seeing family, and just hanging out.  We have ended up hanging out at home, but it’s not quite the same thing.

Yesterday was the first time ever we had a TV-day.  The whole day.  All day.  When I finally suggested we go outside for a little fresh air, the kids jumped up.  But the mosquitoes decided we were feast-worthy, so outside only lasted 20 minutes.  Yesterday would have been a great day to have a screened-in porch.  OK, maybe a little hot for a screened-in porch, but with a great ceiling fan, maybe?

And on a side note, have you ever been stepped on by someone wearing a high-heeled shoe?  Yeah, that’s what my foot feels like today.  I seem to remember being stepped on by a 50-pound non-heel wearing creature, but I can’t believe that feels like this. Ouch.


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