book fairy

I found a hidden stack of new kids’ books this morning as I cleaned out my closet.  I picked two to bring downstairs to read to the kids and left one on the pillow in Maggie’s room.

“Mom, where did these books come from?”

“My secret hiding place.”

“Oh, you mean your closet?”


The first one I read was No, David.  The second one was Bedtime for Francis.  Maggie enjoyed them both.  We laughed at the end of Bedtime for Francis that Francis’ parents were very kind to let her get up that many times. (I could see Maggie devising a plan as we were reading.) I asked her what would happen if she got up that many times and she roared at me and yelled “Get back in your bed!” Sad, but true.  We talked about how tired I am at night and that I don’t always have much patience left.

Later, when we were in her room, she noticed the book on her bed.

“What?  Is?  This?”

“It looks like a book.”

“How did it get here?”

“Maybe the book fairy brought it.”

“I think you are right! I must have slept with it under my head all night! Can you believe that?”

We read Sheila Rae the Brave right there on the spot.

“Maggie, that book reminds me a tiny bit of you.”


“Yes.  You are one of the bravest girls I know.  And the all of a sudden, you were stung by a wasp and now you are very frightened of them.”

“Well, of course I am.  Getting stung by a wasp is way worse than getting lost.”

“Of course it is.”

As she hopped of the bed, she called out to her brother, “Nick!  Nick!  The Tooth Fairy left me a book!”

“The Tooth Fairy?  Did you lose a tooth?”

“No.  But maybe she just really wanted me to have this book right now.”

“Oh, of course.”


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  1. i love david shannon

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