I begged, pleaded, cajoled, insisted upon five minutes to myself the other day to finish a thought.  Exactly five minutes later, this is what awaited me:


What had been a fairly cute ladybug costume on Maggie, resembled more of a red and black Fred Flinstone costume on Nick.  Paired with the barrette, I had to laugh.

Then today, Maggie entertained herself again for a bit while Nick napped.  She greeted me in a dress-up outfit that was finished off with toe-slippers.  What is a toe slipper?

toe slippersA toe slipper is what you get when you stick size 2 feet into “dress-up clothes for children” and you are >97% for height. If you are five, you really want to wear them as slippers, but since that isn’t even remotely going to happen, you decide toe slippers will be just great.


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