Wasps continued

And continued.  And continued.

This morning Maggie might as well have put each foot in a bucket of concrete.  Her forward motion toward getting ready for school was actually backward motion.  It was an exasperating morning that included threats promises (by me) of an earlier bedtime.

Then a few minutes into the car ride, the wasp questions began again.

I might have told her yesterday that wasps die after they sting a person.  I have no idea if this is really the case, but it seems like something I heard somewhere.  I am at the point that a half truth to make us all more comfortable is something I am willing to tell.  And for all I know, it might be a whole truth.

I also fired off a new wasp fact – only the females have stingers.  Males just gather food and fly around, powerless to sting anyone.  Thus, I reasoned with her, that 1/2 of all the wasps she encounters will be unable to sting her anyway (give or take that she sees one boy wasp for every girl wasp.)  And aren’t those better odds?

At which point she quickly deduced that the wasp that stung her was a momma wasp.

“What will happen to the poor baby wasps since the momma wasp had to die from stinging me?”

At which point I turned the radio up and turned my ears off.

{Edit: Wikipedia just made a liar out of me.  Apparently wasps can and do sting multiple times.  Super.}


2 responses to “Wasps continued

  1. Maggie cracks me up! Poor Momma wasp!

  2. They can sting multiple times. They also secrete a pheromone that alerts other nest mates who can come and investigate.

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