new filing system

I have a new filing system that seems to be working wonders for me, so I thought I would share it with you.  (I’m like that – a sharer.)

Take all important-seeming papers and even some junk mail you don’t have the desire to open and place it in a big box.  (I personally am fond of the jumbo size diaper box from Costco and for backup have found the jumbo wipe box from Costco to be very handy.)

I suggest you leave any bills or random pieces of time sensitive materials in a separate small pile that you can attend to in a timely manner.

The rest goes in the big old box and you move it somewhere out of the way.

Get it back out in two weeks or so and take 20 minutes to go through it.  Ninety percent will be able to go straight to the shredder/recycling bin.

The other ten percent will be things you forgot to do/are late for/realize you don’t have the time for/or regret that you missed.  These days – 10% is something I can live with.

Next, I’m moving on to closets.  (which if you think about it, are pretty much the big old box for all things clothes/shoes/random accessories.)  I’ll let you know if I come away with any great tips.


2 responses to “new filing system

  1. OK. I kind of do this already, which drives me crazy. My problem is I don’t pull the box back out at the 2 week mark and throw away/shred. Ugh! Paper is my ultimate nemesis. I think there’s some deep psychological meaning. If I could just figure that out, maybe I could conquer my paper clutter.

  2. Brigid! I must have read the same book. That’s the same filing system I have. (I am still finding random boxes too, and not always 2 weeks later…)

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