Sunday night randomness

A funny moment from today:

We went to breakfast this morning and were waited on by our favorite server.  She has a son Nick’s age and she has always marveled at the amount of breakfast our kids pack away.  At one point she was filling up a water glass and overheard this:

“What does he want?” Mike asked me.

“He wants the orange garnish.”

“Oh.  How does he eat it? Do I need to peel the skin off?” (it was a half of a slice of orange.)

And then the waitress came in as if on cue:

“How old is he?  Two and a half?  And you don’t know how he eats his oranges?”

It was hysterical.  If I had said it I would have been a total nag, but she had a way of saying it that made it OK to say.  She came back a moment later and said “My husband finally got me a cup of tea one day.  He came back to me and had to ask me where the sugar was.  We’ve been in the same house for ten years.  The sugar has been in the same place for ten years.”

And we knowingly looked at each other and smiled.  Because that’s really all you can do.


I was also lucky enough to get to go to a fun bridal shower tonight.  The hostess had the best idea – we painted cans – for the bride and groom to attach to the back of their car at the wedding.  It was so fun to get to paint, though for all my creativeness in many places, I seriously lack some painting skills.  Mine was the funniest looking can of them all, right after the groom’s can.  I happened to be in a room full of very talented people.  If only it came out the way it looked in my head.  But alas, no.


My brain is a little fried from the constant circles it’s been turning the last few days, so I  don’t feel like I’m making a whole lot of sense.  (One way I know this is I keep going back and adding words.  Normally I go back and make things more concise.)  I am feeling better, both physically and mentally.  No need to have me fitted for a white jacket, yet.  Sometimes I work things out here that might be better left unpublished, but I hope in the future, my kids will be able to see that life has ups and downs and worries and wonderfulness.


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