I smell like crayons

“Mom, I really want to go to Sonic.”

“Why Maggie?”

“I want to feel the wind blowing through my hair.”


“Welcome to my fort.  You’re my first visitor!!”


“Is that all you do all day?  Peel paper?” asked one of the children I was helping with an art project.

“Yep.  I just peel paper all day.” (off of crayons.)


We spent all day working on an art project where the children grated crayons into tiny pieces and we ironed them between sheets of wax paper to make sun catchers.  The children loved them.  After I got over the worry that one of them would grate a finger off, it turned out to be a lot of work but worth it when they saw the final product.

About 20 minutes before the end of the day, I overheard a child say they had sharpened the crayons to get little pieces.  


A crayon sharpener.  That you simply twist a crayon into. And it produces little pieces of crayon that would be perfect for making a sun catcher.  Why couldn’t I have picked that kid first and saved us 5 hours of crayon grating?  Oh well.

(Note: do NOT put a grater covered in crayon shavings into the dishwasher – even if it is a commercial dishwasher. Ooops.)


2 responses to “I smell like crayons

  1. maggie wanted to go to sonic to feel the wind blow through her hair made perfect sense to me! after it made me laugh out loud of course! BAHAHA.

  2. You and Maggie crack me up.

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