So I have been MIA for a few days now.  Partly because it’s summer and we’ve been busy having fun.  Partly because things with Nicholas are getting interesting and I have been doing a lot of research before we go to the neurologist at the end of August.  But mostly because of earwax.

How can I be expected to write as I compulsively check my daughter’s ears for a breakthrough in the-earwax-plug-that-won’t-budge?

Seriously, with the help of the Walgreen’s odeoscope, I have become an ear aficionado. All I can compare it to is having a HUGE zit on the tip of your nose and not being able to pop it.  I want to get in there and get that wax out so my girl can hear again.  But, because of the whole “eardrum” thing and “possibly doing permanent damage” thing, I have been doing a lot more looking than doing.

Her good ear is completely clear.  The bad ear is still pretty blocked.  But just with the good ear clear, I have noticed she hears a whole lot better.  I can only imagine that when she can hear form both sides, she will morph back into the perfect child of yesteryear.  Right?

Anyway, notes to self: when your child says they can’t hear their CD when they lay with one side on the pillow – she might have a problem.  When you notice (and mention to her teacher) that “she is suddenly becoming the loud child,” she might have a problem.  When you find yourself talking louder and louder to get a response, she might have a **problem. (** or you might have a strong willed child who is choosing not to listen – the onus of figuring that one out is all on you.)

And to finish out this ear-waxy post, I will share a story with you from my mother’s nursing days where she was lucky enough to be able to do an ear wash or two on complete strangers (because I can do this for my child, but if I don’t know you – no way I’m looking at your earwax.)  Yeah, that one time, she pulled out a cockroach from inside the dude’s ear.  I now consider myself lucky.


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  1. i could have done without that image

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