All I can say for my productivity today is not good.  Not good at all.  I finally have a day to myself to tackle some things and I have pretty much been sitting here reading blogs, flipping through facebook, learning to play Sudoku. Heck, I even got the rats out to kill some time.

Because the alternative is cleaning tubs, toilets, and other stuff I would really rather not do.

But seriously, if this is any inclination of what I’m going to be like when the kids are both in school during the fall, I better get someone to do an intervention.  (Though I think if I did this day, after day, after day, even I would get bored.  No?)

But after the morning I had getting a certain someone into the car and off to school, I think I deserve a little down time today.  So I’m taking it.  Because I’m going to need all the strength I can muster when we are doing this five days a week.  (shudder.)


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