the flip side

I’m working on uploading a video for you.  If you had any idea how long I have been working on uploading a video for you, you would laugh.  Or cry.  Or maybe I should be the one crying.  The perseverance this has taken is worthy of you getting up and giving me a standing ovation.  Go ahead.  I need it.

(Waits for you to stand up and give ovation.)

(No, really.)

OK, with any luck, there will be a real live Youtube video for your viewing pleasure.  Or at least for the viewing pleasure of the grandparents.  But as I sit, it has been “processing. please wait” for an interminably long time.  Methinks I am doing it the hard way – shocking, I know.

I do want to thank my family for the new flip camera which makes all this possible.  It was my early birthday present and I am tickled to have it.  I have only wanted to throw it at the wall once, and mostly have just wanted to chuck the computer across the room.  But with a patient audience that can laugh with me (not at me) I think I will get this thing figured out.


One response to “the flip side

  1. It takes forever to load up on youtube – you did fine. And it takes longer, the longer the video you have. I just want to pull my hair out while it’s “processing” forever and a day!

    Cute video – it was making me a bit dizzy at first, but I loved N’s laugh!

    And I’m standing tall for you!

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