puzzle palooza

So I meant to post this one yesterday, but I fell soundly asleep with the kids at bedtime.  I didn’t feel well at all yesterday and thought I might be coming down with something, but a loooong sleep and I was all better today.

Then we went to the pool.

Picture this: someone takes that blue painters tape and makes an X on your back.  Then they cover your back in red paint and remove the tape. Sprinkle in some white spots (blisters), and  now you know exactly what my back/shoulders look like.

I’m an almost-40-year-old-idiot for going to the pool without applying sunscreen to my back.  I have no answers.  I can’t explain it.  I think I was just meant to stay in and do puzzles in the summer with the nice cool air conditioning.

puzzlesSpeaking of,  we started an 8-pack of puzzles last weekend.  It has been the week of puzzles.  The four at the top right were 100 piece puzzles that Maggie did quite a bit of.  The Sleeping Beauty and Cars puzzles were 300 piece puzzles that she still helped quite a bit on.  The blue pieces you see scattered at the bottom left are a whole other story.  A. Whole. Other Story.

The blue pieces are part of a 500 piece Lady and the Tramp puzzle.  It was almost the same size as the Cars puzzle and 200 extra pieces.  These are the tiniest pieces I have ever worked with.  And I kid you not, this has to be the cheapest puzzle ever made.  Or the hardest.  I have never worked a puzzle that has to be undone and worked again.  Three times. Because you get to the end of an area and realize the pieces looked like they go together, but actually they don’t.  I was complaining while we were still sorting and Mike kind of brushed my complaints off.  Then he got into the assembly and let’s just say, he had to try very hard to keep the puzzle assembly PG.

Lady and the TrampBut we made progress and we got this far.  Those 100 blue pieces may stay there for a while, because we have all gotten so frustrated at it that now we just walk past and scowl at it.  Nick had wanted to help sooooo bad.  He would sit in a chair and ask for pieces.  We would give him 3 or 4 random pieces that he would shove together, and then he would walk away.  So I didn’t think much of it when he sat down to look at the puzzle.  My mistake.

destructionAnd in less than a second the destruction took place.  Maggie burst into tears.  I darn well almost burst into tears.  Instead I picked up the pieces and put as many back together as I could.  I thought doing this puzzle the first time was bad enough.  The second time was just plain painful.  But, as with most things, I will not let the puzzle win.  We will finish the darn thing if it takes all summer, and it just might.  I will just keep holding the pieces up to the light to see if they really fit together or if they are just teasing me.

Oh, and the 8th puzzle?  That one isn’t even coming out of the bag.  It looks ten times harder than this one and I simply can’t deal with that.


One response to “puzzle palooza

  1. Yago has a Dr. Suess book that has a puzzle on each page. It is impossible. All of the pieces are the same color and look the same. Most of them really ARE the same piece. When you tackle those puzzles and are ready feel like you want to pull your hair out again, I’ll happily hand it over.

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