For dad

Because we are so alike, I feel that I can honestly tell you I have not bought your Father’s Day present yet.  I know what it is.  I have it pictured specifically in my mind.  I just have to get it.  And since you aren’t coming until the beginning of July, and I have obviously missed the mailing it to you on-time deadline, I have a little time to play with.

I have borrowed this idea from a woman in my writing group.  I wish I could say that it was all my brain child.  But again, I’m too honest for that.  I can tell you that I think you are the perfect recipient for this gift.  It was “made” for you.

So here goes – I won’t make you wait two more weeks wondering what awaits you.  

I am going to buy you a journal.  In this journal, I would like for you to write whatever you remember from your childhood.  Stories from your parents.  Anecdotes from my childhood. Stories of early fatherhood.  Your life with mom before we came along.   The bits and pieces of our history that only you can put into words.  

(And to be fair, if you would rather work on a computer and we can fasten them into the journal, I am totally fine with that. But a journal to hold these stories seems so much more appropriate than a computer disk…)

This is a selfish gift to give.  Someday I will get it back.  But how lucky will I be to have your written words to help pass our history on to the next generation.

Happy Father’s Day!  I love you so much.


2 responses to “For dad

  1. Brigid,
    Years ago when my Dad was in his 70’s I saw in a catalog a book/journal called “The Story of a Lifetime”. It had areas of interest and history for the person to use if he chose. I bought it for my Dad, and it is a real treasure to me! You reminded me of it…….my one brother has it, and I need to get it back. Neither brother had read it and they borrowed it a few years ago. I will call Tom tomorrow!

  2. great idea. my turn to steal it

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