don’t you know?

I declared it bathtime for the kids this morning after I did a mental tally of the last time they actually used soap.  My husband likes to count the pool, sprinklers and rain as baths, but at some point soap really needs to be involved.

I was monitoring the after bath things-to-do, while reading a book.  And then Maggie came up with a plan.  I was a room away behind a closed door, but for some reason that particular door being closed actually makes sound travel better.

“Nicholas, I have a very important job for you.  I want you to go downstairs to the cabinet.  Get the cereal out.  Bring it to mommy and tell her you want a snack.”

I snuck into the room just as he was about to head downstairs and carry out his mission.  At least the first few steps, anyway.

As I laughed, I told her that I had heard her directions.

“Oh, mom.  I was using a code.  It sounded like that to you, but really I was telling him to bring me a book so I could read it to him.  That’s how they talk in Japan, don’t you know?  You just don’t know the code.”

I’m beginning to think my ability to make up answers on the fly might be spreading.


One response to “don’t you know?

  1. The power of being the eldest…

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