right again, and again

So remember when I said Maggie didn’t have strep?  Yeah, we were wrong.  She does have strep.  Again.  The quick test was negative, but the long one was positive.  

This might mean one of a few things…  either the antibiotic isn’t really killing the bacteria and it keeps coming back, or one of us is a carrier (asymptomatic yet passes the bacteria around), or someone at school is a carrier, or she has just had rotten luck and gotten strep randomly three times in the last couple months.  The detective in me wants to know.

But on the plus side, I’m glad we tested her, so she can get treated and not end up with something crazy like scarlet fever, or heck, even rheumatic fever…

Though, strangely, after I got the call that it was strep, my throat started to hurt.  (If you look up psycho-symptomatic in the dictionary, my photo appears.)

Maggie has earned a toy reward (which I never do, but promised in a moment of weakness months ago when it seemed unlikely it would ever come to pass) and she asked to collect this morning.  As in, we go to the toy store and she gets to pick out a toy.  While we waited for her prescription, I decided we could head over to the toy store.

This child could be her own sitcom.  I swear.

(In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a bit of a *control freak* so the idea of letting her loose in the toy store sent chills down my spine.)  I started right away telling her I had total veto power.  She agreed to the terms and in we went.

“Mom, I want this!”

I nodded.  She said this about each of the first 10 things she laid eyes on.  I told her we should look around a little.  It was pretty funny though.

After another minute I realized she was doing the dance and convinced her she would be able to concentrate on the toy search better if she didn’t have to pee.  After going potty and washing her hands in the child’s sink she turned around and asked me for some money for a towel. 


“Oh, honey.  The towels are over here.” (She was standing in front of the tampon machine.)

So she found 10 more things she really, really wanted.  I pushed on, hoping to talk her into the Lite Bright.  No dice.

She chose something called PixO’s which she has seen on TV. (Which means my husband has been letting her watch shows with commercials again…)  I explained that things never work as great in person as on TV and that the box made everything look better.  She would have none of my sensical talk.  And I’m true to my word, so we left with the PixO’s.

concentration I do love the concentration on her face.  And she did work for a while allowing me to cook dinner.  The part I was not so fond of was when it didn’t work like it was supposed to and fell apart when we tried to move it and she broke down.  And I bit my tongue hard trying not to say I told you so.  I guess we will try again tomorrow and either it will work better, or she will have learned her first lesson in marketing.

hanging beadsI do love the concentration on his face too.  These are the 1-9 hanging beads.  He doesn’t arrange them in the right order yet, but he loves hanging them.  He couldn’t even do any at all when he first started.  A week later he does them all.  Next he’ll start to hang them in order and then match them to the number tiles. (Check out the youth size 11 1/2 foot right below his hand.  Yes, 11 1/2 and he’s 2.)


2 responses to “right again, and again

  1. I got strep three times in a row once when I was very young, just like Maggie. I was spared the fourth. Maggie is definitely getting it out of her system to be illness-free for school! Third times a charm? and boy are your kids charming! So this must be the end.

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