a question for you

So, in my great mental plan, we would go to Maggie’s 5 yr check-up with our current pediatrician and then high tail it out of there never to be seen again.  I was fine with this decision.

Then we had the Sunday of moan-cough-spew over and over.  (They say to get over a phobia, you have to face it head on.  This was as close to facing my phobia head-on as I ever hope to get, and it didn’t help a bit.)

Luckily for us, it was our doctor who was on call this weekend, instead of her partner.  Because Maggie’s first symptom was sore throat and then soon after she was puking, we all assumed it was strep.  The doctor met me at her office on a Sunday morning, when they were not even open to do the strep test.  Which turned out to be negative.

The doctor was very kind and took her time.  More relaxed than I am used to seeing her.  Or maybe, not as official.  (I totally could have done without the story of her kid puking up hotdogs, because that has made it’s way into the tape in my head of horrible vomiting scenes, as if I don’t have enough from the last 48 hours.)

I ended up calling back once in the evening to confirm that Maggie was still puking (as per her instructions) and she reassured me that I was doing everything right.  Puke takes all the brain cells right out of my head and renders me near catatonic.  I was in need of reassurance.

Maggie is so much better today.  Ate a little.  Drank a lot.  Peed.  Pooped.  We avoided IV fluids.  And by tomorrow I hope this will start to be a distant memory.

But I cancelled the well visit for tomorrow morning because A. I hate vaccines enough to not want to give her the last one on the heels of this undetermined puke-fest. and B. she threw up her thyroid medicine yesterday and was to be re-tested for that.  Might as well test her when she has been on her regular dose.  Maybe I’m being too cautious.  But I don’t care.

So the only appointment they have is for the end of the month.  

Part of the reason for the switch being now, is to switch before Nick turns 2 1/2 so we can re-evaluate his testing and speech with the new doctor.  That’s before the end of the month.

So tomorrow I will call and try to schedule an appointment for Maggie at the new office – no idea the wait times for a well visit.  If I get one sooner, we switch now.  If not, I will hold onto the other appointment and switch Nick first.  Which means we will head back into the old office and they will know we are leaving.  Awkward… (and I’m a big chicken.)

The reason I was waiting to switch is due to the delayed vaccine schedule, I want that stupid card she needs for kindergarten in my hot little hand before anyone can tell me she needs another shot.  We are one shot away.

That was a very long and boring story that turned out to be more long and boring than I even imagined.  Here’s my question:

Do I owe the old doctor a note, or a reason, or a good-bye?  It seems weird to have had her be so kind with us and to just disappear while another office requests our records.  What would you do?


4 responses to “a question for you

  1. I think I would explain to them why you’re leaving, if for no other reason than for them to evaluate the practice and hopefully improve care for existing and new patients.

    It’s hard to do when the last visit was so positive, but there was probably a big sticky note on your file saying “do what you can for these people because we are in danger of losing them…”

  2. I agree with Shab – leave a note explaining why you’re going and say thank you for her services rendered (maybe even make a special note of the last visit).

    Doctors are people too and they probably realize there wasn’t much chemistry between your family and her. She has so many other patients that I doubt she’ll think three times (probably twice though) when you say you’re leaving.

    Ugh, I hate these types of issues too. I almost left my pediatrician, but ended up staying with him. I think it worked out in the end, as it will for you. Good luck!

  3. Brig,
    You are lucky you have nicer friends than me. Truthfully, I wouldn’t bother. If someone would ask me point blank I wouldn’t hesitate to express myself regarding the practice, etc., but I generally don’t feel like I have to go out of my way to explain myself.

    • Honestly, I was hoping everyone would say to disappear into the night, but I know it would eat at me. I think I’m going to send a note to the Dr when I send the letter for transcripts. At least a thank you for coming in on a Sunday.

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