water fun 




A birthday party that looks like this is pretty fun.  Children, water, fun, laughs, giggles, hoots and hollers.










lee truck You would never guess that this guy was working the whole time trying to unclog the main line of our plumbing which resulted in sewage backing up into our tub and no one (not even the 14 little party guests, their parents, or our relatives) being able to flush the toilet.  So not part of the plan. 



flip flop cookies Luckily there were yummy treats and enough fun to go around, so unless you had to pee (thank goodness no one had to poop) you really would never have guessed.


Happy 5th birthday Maggie!


4 responses to “dichotomy

  1. Did you make those flip flop cookies? Cute!!

    Happy Bday Maggie!!

  2. Oh. My. Word. You are the woman. What a weekend!!! Adorable cookies. Adorable kids. You did it up right. Let’s schedule decompression time soon!

  3. Looks like a super fun party. Now, all Slip’n’Slides should be that cool.
    (I’m sure no one noticed the plumbing situation.) Love the cookies!

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