Jack and Annie

We went to get Annie the rat.  As we were showing the clerk which one we wanted, I saw another one that was too cute.  But we went with the original Annie.  Until about four minutes later, when I decided that two rats would keep each other company.  (You should have seen how they were all snuggled up together.)  So I picked out the cute gray “dumbo” rat, named such because his ears are on the sides of his head instead of the top.  He has the cutest personality.

Mind you, a few weeks ago, if you had asked me if I would ever own a rat I would have laughed in your face with an emphatic no.  This is all new to me.

So we have Jack and Annie (named for the Magic Tree House characters) even though they are both girls.  Shhhhh.  We haven’t really clarified that they are both girls.  Maggie *might* think one is a boy.  But the names just fit.  So Jack and Annie they are.

(Side note from my childhood – my cats were named Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.  We called them Sherlock and Watson -unless they were in trouble, and then we used their whole names.  And yes, I realize that makes me a big nerd.)

Jack likes to creep out and crawl around on Maggie’s lap and arms.  Annie is pretty much still scared out of her mind.

(Note: when you bring rats into your home as pets, go ahead and unplug all the ultrasonic pest repellers you have plugged in all over your house to keep the mice away.  Ooops.)

I promise plenty of pictures just as soon as I can get comfortable enough to have the cage open and my hands otherwise occupied with a camera in them.  That simply hasn’t happened yet.

On a big plus note though, Nicholas who is scared to death of all animals likes the rats.  He petted Jack in the store while the clerk was holding it.  He doesn’t freak when they come out of the cage.  (He does ask for us to close the door when they have been out for a while.  Baby steps.)

I may make you humor me later this week with a sappy letter to Maggie about her first five years.  But today we are all about the rats.


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